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Shannon Musyowski graduated from the two year 2200 hour Massage Therapy diploma program at Grant MacEwan University in 2011, as well as the three year Acupuncture diploma program at Grant MacEwan in 2014. She is a member and in good standing with the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta and the College of Acupuncturists of Alberta. 


Although her practice includes mainly deep tissue massage, she has also been trained in a variety of modalities in massage including trigger point therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, sports massage, abdominal massage, pregnancy massage, infant massage, therapeutic massage and relaxation massage. 


She has been trained to treat a wide array of conditions with acupuncture such as pain, stress management, enhancing fertility, digestive problems, sleep disorders, anxiety, headaches/migraines, menstrual problems, PMS, hot flashes, sciatica, high blood pressure, frozen shoulder as well has treated many athletes and their injuries over the years. Along with acupuncture Shannon also implements dry needling similar to IMS (Intra muscular stimulation) to treat many musculoskeletal issues. She also includes cupping into her practice in both massage and acupuncture treatments. She has also been trained in kinesio-taping. Shannon also has received training in cosmetic acupuncture (facial rejuvenation) into her practice as well. Where her focus within those treatments is highly individual and enhances ones own natural beauty from the inside out. Shannon is currently completing continuing education courses in the field of sports medicine acupuncture.


Shannon has been involved in several sports such as volleyball, basketball, rugby, English horse back riding, as well as has played team handball many years for the provincial team and three times for the Canadian national team. Shannon enjoys staying active by working out, going to spin class, doing yoga, and keeping busy with her young family.

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