Due to the COVID-19 pandemic here are some of the changes and precautions we are taking at this time to ensure the safest environment possible at DYNAMIC THERAPEUTICS as well as following the guidelines set out by the massage and acupuncture college and associations and adhering to the directives of the CMOH.

  • Staff is screened for COVID-19  and follows proper hand washing protocols. Clinical staff has the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for treating patients.

  • Every patient is screened in advance for COVID-19 symptoms, including having their temperature taken. Please ensure you complete your COVID-19 screening prior to your appointment online (the email gets sent out 2 hours prior).

  • In practicing social distancing, your vehicle will serve as your "waiting room" at this time as an extra precaution until you receive a call when we are ready for you. You can utilize the systems self "check in" feature to let me know you are here, at

  • Please come alone to your treatment(s) unless you require assistance.  

  • Please bring a mask as it is mandatory to receive treatment. 

  • Upon entrance into Ellwood Commercial Centre, all patients are required to wash their hands, review pre-screening questions if not already completed, have their temperature taken, complete a COVID-19 consent form (if not done online). It is recommended that you wash your hands or utilize our hand sanitizer before making payment if not contactless. Upon departure from clinic it is advised you hand wash before leaving Ellwood Commercial Centre. 

  • Keeping with our current disinfection and sanitation standards we will continue to clean, disinfect and hand wash between every patient visit, including cleaning and disinfecting all high touch surfaces as well as provide hand sanitizer in the treatment room.

  • There are contactless payment options.