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Blood flow and Qi carries nutrients to the cells in our bodies. When the face is needled the body interprets the insertion of a needle as a positive injury (micro-trauma) that, in turn, through stimulation of fibroblasts, can increases collagen output. It is a full acupuncture treatment that is highly individual. It is a very holistic approach also addressing any underlying imbalances in your system that may be contributing to other health issues or beauty concerns.How does it work? Needling the skin on the face creates a mico-trauma which causes greater levels of collagen and elastin production brought on by tissue stimulation as well as a histamine release. This histamine release increases fibroblast collagen synthesis (production of chemical compounds). Qi and blood circulation is then increased allowing more nutrients and oxygen to the skin on a cellular level, allowing the facial complexion to be more balanced. Different needling techniques are used during the course of treatment to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. One commonly used technique is called threading, this allows collagen to fill in, smooth and erase these problems. Another common technique is called motor point needling and acu-muscle facial needling which needles are placed into the facial or neck muscle(s) creating more muscle tone. Helping“lift” sagging or looser skin commonly around the neck, face, and eyes.In addition to treating the face, these acupuncture sessions can reduce other conditions such as anxiety, poor sleep quality, and reduce stress allowing for the body to get more out of the long-term effects of cosmetic acupuncture and having a greater benefit for the skin’s complexion.

 Eliminate fine lines and reduce larger wrinkles
 Can increases collagen and elastin production
 Slows aging
 Treats sagging or loose skin and fills out sunken areas
 Improvement of elasticity of facial muscles
 Firms and tones skin
 Reduces acne
 Brighten skin
 Reduce scarring
 Creates an even complexion
 Reduce the appearance of droopy eyes and brighten eyes
 Reduce puffiness and edema
 Eliminate dark bags under the eyes
 Tighten pores
 Stress reduction to reduce free radical damage to skin
 Enhance the skins facial color for a radiant natural glow
 Reduces double chin, lifts drooping mouth, drooping eyelids, lifts sagging
 Increases local blood and lymph circulation
 Improve skin hydration
 Combat volume loss
 Treating hormonal imbalance affecting skin
 Reduces side effects of bell’s palsy, TMJ (temporomandibular joint
dysfunction), neuropathies, and aid with side effects of stoke patients
 Gentle, safe, relaxing and preventative at any age
 AND most important completely natural option for younger looking skin



 Treat menopause, perimenopause, PMS and other GYN issues
 Helps with sinus congestion
 Treat headaches and dizziness
 Improve hyper/hypothyroidism
 Treats digestive issues
 Benefits eyes, ears, and brain
 Reduces hair loss and hair greying
 Helps insomnia
 Helps with depression and improves self-esteem

 Stress reduction for overall health and well-being


What Is Facial Acupuncture Renewal?

What Are The Benefits?

This 60 Minute Treatment Includes:

  • Herbal Masks (all natural ingredients)

  • Warm Towels For The Face

  • Facial Cupping

  • Facial Guasha

  • Jade Rollers

  • Gentle Facial Needling

  • Facial Massage

  • Facial Acupressure

Other Benefits




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